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Dentist Bodrum, Dentist in Bodrum

Dentist Bodrum, Dentist in Bodrum, Dentists and Dental Clinics Dentists, Dental Polyclinics, Oral and Dental Health in Bodrum.

Dentist in bodrum, free online consultation, affordable price and best services.

Dentist Bodrum, Dentist in Bodrum
Dentist Bodrum, Dentist in Bodrum

Dental treatment refers to the procedures and techniques used by dental professionals to diagnose, treat, and prevent dental conditions and diseases. Dental Clinic Bodrum, Dentist

Implant: regaining the function and appearance of teeth lost for any reason. Metal has been used as an infrastructure for a very long time in dental aesthetics. ‎Tooth Whitening, ‎Gum Aesthetics.

Dentist in Bodrum

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Dentist Bodrum, Dentist in Bodrum

Dentist Gumbet, Dental Clinics Gumbet, Dental Treatment Bodrum, Welcome to Dentist Gumbet, your trusted destination for exceptional dental care in the vibrant coastal town of Dentist Gumbet, Bodrum. Our dedicated team of experienced dentists is committed to providing top-notch oral health services tailored to meet your unique needs. With a focus on advanced techniques and patient comfort, we strive to deliver the highest standard of dental care in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Dentist Bodrum, Dentist in Bodrum
Dentist in Bodrum

Dentiora Dental Clinic

Bodrum Dental Clinic
Müskebi Mh. Atatürk Cd. A Blk. N:17A-1 Bodrum/Muğla, TR

Dentist Murat Çolpan

Yalıkavak Dentist
Address: Yalıkavak, Çökertme Cd. No.23 D:.5, 48990 Bodrum

Dental Bodrum

Dentist Oral and Dental Health Aesthetic Dentistry – Berna Atila Dentist
Address: Yokuşbaşı, Kıbrıs Şehitleri Cd. 51/A, 48310 Bodrum

Dentist Fatma İldem

Bodrum Dental Clinic
Address: Konacık, Atatürk Blv. No:2, 48400 Bodrum

Bodrum State Hospital

Oral and Dental Treatment Center Bodrum
Address: Yokuşbaşı, Bodrum-Turgutreis Yolu, 48400 Bodrum

Dentist – Mehmet Selim Turan

Address: Turgutreis Cad. Güney Çarşısı, D:No:280/1, 48400 Bodrum

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Dentist Utku Özgür Ünlü

Address: Gümbet, Kıbrıs Şehitleri Cd. No:259/1, 48400 Bodrum

Bodrum Dental Clinic

Dentist Mahmut Baydar Bodrum Dental Clinic
Telephone: (0252) 317 24 50

Dentist Meltem Hazarhun

Address: Cevat Şakir, Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Sk. 331/A, 48400 Bodrum/Muğla

Dentist Çavgın Özman

Address: Konacık, Çırkan Mah Atatürk Bulvarı Çağdaş İş Merkezi 23/E1, 48400 Bodrum

Dentist Selçuk Soyluoğlu

Address: Cirkan Mah.Sehit Baris Akay cad.No 6/1-2-3, 48000 Bodrum

DentGroup Bodrum

Bodrum Dental Clinic, dental implants bodrum, turkey
Address: Çırkan Mah, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Cd. No:3/4, 48400 Bodrum

Dentist Muammer Küçük

Bodrum Dental Clinic Bodrum

Address: Yeniköy Mahallesi, Kıbrıs Şehitler Caddesi, 254/B Kat:1, 48400 Bodrum

MyndosDent Dental Clinic

As the MyndosDent Dental Clinic team, we believe that the friendly and comfortable atmosphere is a natural part of your visits. It is our duty to understand the needs of our patients, who are all special for us, and to administer the most suitable treatment with the correct method and professionalism.

Our aim in MyndosDent Dental Clinic is to offer the journey to treatment and care that will provide them with healthy smiles in a comfortable and peaceful environment with full customized services.

Implantology – Pediatric Dentistry – Orthodontics Bodrum Dental Clinic Bodrum

Dentists Address: Eskiçeşme, Eskidere Sk No:24 A D:1, 48400 Bodrum

Dentist Fatma Özcan

Address: Tepecik, Neyzen Tevfik Cd. No:68/B, 48400 Bodrum/Muğla

Dentist Hasan Tural

Address: Gediz sok no 4 konacik Bodrumdent Dental Clinic, 48200 Bodrum/Muğla

Dentist Serpil Karataş

Address: Çırkan Mah. Atatürk Bulvarı No:16 D:G, 48400 Bodrum


Address: Gediz sok no 4 konacik, 48200 Bodrum

Dentist Dilek Taşkıran

BodrumDentist Dilek Taskiran BodrumDentist We would love to take care of all of your dental needs by providing preventative dentistry in Bodrum.

Address: Eskiçeşme, Cafer Paşa Cd. No:35 D:1, 48400 Bodrum

Estetica Gümbet

Private Aesthetic Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic Bodrum Dental Clinic
Address: Gümbet, Ayaz Cd. No:81-B, 48400 Bodrum

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Bodrum Diş kliniği
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Dentist Burç Taylan

Periodontist Periodontologist Bodrum Implant dental applicator
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Dentist Müge ATEŞ

Bodrum Diş Kliniği
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Bodrum Ortodonti

Dentist Tunç Akman
Address: Çarşı, Ali Baba Sk. 23/1, 48400 Bodrum

Dent Halikarnas

Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic Bodrum dental clinic
Address: Konacık, Atatürk Blv. No 203 D:c1, 48400 Bodrum

Dentist Belgin Tarim

Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic Bodrum dental clinic
Address: Gümbet, Osman Nuri Bilgin Cd., 48400 Bodrum


Lamina veneers are very thin porcelains that can be applied to teeth. They are called Leaf Lamina because they are very thin.

Bodrum Dentist

They can be applied from the tooth tissue very little, usually without preparation (roughening). Laminas, which are bonded using special adhesives, are preferred aesthetically due to their very good color permeability.

Laminas are one of the most preferred aesthetic restoration options today because of their healthy, durable and good color harmony.

Laminas, which are produced as very thin, are obtained with sensitive techniques. This is the key to very good harmony with the teeth and surrounding tissues. Dentist in Bodrum

Who does it apply to ?

Porcelain lamina can be applied to almost everyone. However, they are not applied for jaw disorders that need orthodontic treatment, nail biting, pen biting, and gum diseases that cause the gums to recede easily.

What are the advantages of Porcelain Lamina teeth ?

They can be applied to the tooth surface with little or no wear on the tooth surface. Broken, cracked, large fillings and discolorations in teeth can be treated easily. The spaces between the teeth have both an aesthetic and natural appearance. They are resistant to staining and abrasion.

How long is the treatment ?

They can be prepared within 5 to 7 days after the measurement is taken.

Is pain felt during and after treatment ?

Since anesthesia will be applied during the treatment, no pain is felt.

Is there a risk of falling porcelain laminates ?

Laminas are bonded with special adhesives. Therefore, the risk of falling is quite low.

How many years are Porcelain Laminates used ?

It can be last for many years with a good care and regular check ups.


Smiling Design means giving the person the most beautiful and harmonious smile he/she can have. A beautiful smile is very effective in making him feel special, well-groomed, positive and confident. The most beautiful smile is planned with smile design.

The smile of the person is tailored to himself/herself, taking into account his/her own face type, skin color, lips and teeth structure, and takes a perfect form.

In the smile design, considering the problems that the person is uncomfortable with, discolorations, caries, tooth fractures, cracks and crowding, tooth deficiencies, diestema (gaps between teeth), gum problems, gum and tooth length differences, deformations are detected.

The reason for the smile design application is primarily the patient’s dissatisfaction with his smile, namely aesthetic problems.

When designing a smile, according to the needs of the patient, Lamina porcelains, also known as leaf porcelains, full ceramic restorations, Zirconium veneers, Bonding (Aesthetic dental fillings) can be applied.

In addition, teeth whitening, gum leveling, Orthodontic treatment can be done. In dental aesthetics, the shape, color, length of the gums and their suitability to the whole mouth and lip structure are as important as the teeth.

Gum treatments, Dermal filling and Botox applications have also gained importance in this respect.

The treatment process varies according to the procedures to be performed. While it usually ends in one or two weeks, the time will be longer in Orthodontic treatment and surgical applications.

Who is smile design made for ?

Smile design is primarily applied to people who are not satisfied with their own smile, and those who have aesthetic medical problems and irregularities in their mouth, teeth and gums as a result of examination.


The implant is a titanium screws placed in the jawbone instead of one or more missing teeth for any reason. They are also called artificial tooth roots. Thus, it is possible to regain the chewing function and aesthetic appearance. Implant ,can be applied to everyone.

Advantages of implant treatment;

  • Preserving healthy adjacent teeth while eliminating tooth deficiency.
  • It can look and function like a natural tooth.
  • Thus dentures which can put on and put off can be fasten
  • Prevention of bone loss due to edentulism.

Can each patient be implanted?

  • Having good general health
  • Having good oral hygiene and oral health
  • Having complete growth and bone development
  • Having Sufficient volume and quality for jawbone implant application

Is implant application a painful procedure ?

Implants can be applied painlessly with local anesthesia. They can also be performed under general anesthesia upon the request of the patient.

How long does implant application take ?

The application time may take 30-60 minutes depending on the condition of the jawbone, treatment plan and number,position of the tooth.

Dentures on standard implants can also be applied after 3-6 months, depending on the patient’s systemic condition, bone structure and age. Some newly released implants with special surfaces can also be applied in three days. However, this is not preferred in every patient.


Zirconium crowns are porcelain systems without metal support, which have been on the agenda in recent years.

In the past, porcelains had to be supported by metal. Since porcelain is a fragile material, it could be made with metal substructure. Zirconium coatings, which are developed to better support aesthetic expectations and reduce the use of metal in the mouth, are very successful.

Zirconium is an organic and gingival infrastructure used instead of metal infrastructure. It also makes the porcelain in the upper structure more aesthetic.

Where are zirconium teeth used ?

Zirconium teeth are generally used;

  • In people with aesthetic concerns,
  • In cases where tooth color cannot be bleached by other methods,
  • In the correction of small crowding for which orthodontic treatment is not foreseen,
  • In structurally in damaged old fillings,
  • In the surface restoration of worn teeth,
  • In the bridge and restoration of missing teeth,
  • In prosthesis over implants.


Teeth whitening method is among the most preferred treatments in aesthetic smile design.

Tooth whitening is applied by two methods;

Office Type Whitening ;

It is the process of bleaching the teeth with a special light source, which is done by protecting the gums with a special solution applied on the teeth. Dentist Bodrum, Dentist in Bodrum

It takes about 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Some patients may need several sessions. With office-type whitening, the teeth of the person become a few tones whiter.

Tooth whitening is a method of removing stains on teeth with special solutions and techniques. So teeth cleaning and teeth whitening are completely different treatments. In addition, it is the process of removing the yellowing materials in the teeth in individuals with genetically yellow teeth for years.

Home whitening ;

There is not much difference between office-type teeth whitening and home-type teeth whitening system. There are only time differences. For this reason, whichever method the patient wants, it is preferred.

Home bleaching is a method that can be done by applying the whitening gel at home with the plates prepared according to the color values taken from the patient.

In this process, planning is made according to the habits of the people. For example, if the person uses a lot of coffee, tea and cigarettes, more teeth whitening will be needed. For this reason, they may prefer home-type teeth whitening. Dentist Bodrum, Dentist in Bodrum

Products (such as baking soda, bleach, etc.) or nunscientific methods should not be used for teeth whitening, because tooth enamel can be damaged even though it is very hard and it causes sensitivity and problems on the teeth. Therefore, it is important to choose products that protect the health of our teeth.


Pedodonti includes all kinds of treatments related to children’s oral and dental health.

It covers the treatment of primary or permanent teeth in children, protection of missing teeth with placeholder, applications of protecting teeth against decay, preventive orthodontic treatment.

Pediatric dentistry is an important issue in terms of analyzing the development of the teeth and jaws of children, detecting and treating an anomaly in growth and development at an early age, and preventing future problems with early diagnosis.


Tartar is one of the biggest causes of gum disease. If any bleeding occurs in the gum, it is a sign of illness. The most important reason in this disease is the presence of bacteria in the tartar.

If bacteria penetrates the tooth, the surrounding tissues will be damaged.

Bleeding starts due to inflammation in the gums. When the tartar is not removed, the bacteria reach the roots. Here they start to melt the bone by acidifying.

Gingival diseases first cause gingivitis and then cause bone inflammation and bone loss. Teeth also start to be mobile and tooth loss occurs where the disease is very advanced. Dentist Bodrum, Dentist in Bodrum

Brushing and dentist control are important to prevent this situation. dentists bodrum



Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of root canals in teeth.

Under the enamel and dentin layers of the tooth, there is a section called Pulp, where the vessels and nerves that provide the vitality of the tooth reside.

Inflammation occurs in this part of the tooth due to caries and trauma. Pain and swelling in the face may occur. Dentist Bodrum, Dentist in Bodrum

The general belief is that the tooth, which forms a swollen face, will be extracted after the swelling disapperars.

However, with the new technology, even teeth that cause major infection can be retained in mouth by root canal treatment and can be used healthily for many years.



It is one of the aesthetic smile design methods. Bonding Adhesive system is the process of making the tooth shape more aesthetic by applying some filling materials on the tooth in one session.

Bonding application is often used to close the tooth gaps. It is a method applied to close the gaps of a few or a single tooth. Dentist Bodrum, Dentist in Bodrum

Coloring may continue to occur on the teeth after the bonding application. The teeth are resistant to staining by applying polishing. Stains caused by substances like smoking, tea, coffee, etc. can be removed by routine dental cleaning.

Bonding can be applied on previously bonded teeth if necessary. This application can be applied to people of all ages.

Bonding is applied to teeth that are broken due to trauma and falling effects in young people when porcelain teeth cannot be made. It is possible to apply even in cases where half of the tooth is broken. Broken tooth can be corrected in one session.

Bonding application is a method applied by adhering the material to the tooth with minimal abrasion on the teeth, that is, without damaging the tooth. It is an application for completely protecting the teeth. Dentist Bodrum, Dentist in Bodrum

Bonding application is a technique that aesthetic dentistry can do. The important issue here is the knowledge and skill of the physician. It is especially preferred in aesthetic smile design.